Geek Done Quick

Episode 27 · July 2nd, 2018 · 1 hr 32 mins

About this Episode

There's no splitting hairs here: we had to take a breather last week because the news was just so bleak in the tech world we couldn't bring ourselves to do an episode on it. This week we're back with a very quick overview of that news and then immediately a pickmeup from our dear friend John Grandi who swoops in to save us. We talk a lot about Games Done Quick and E3 and if you want more in depth analysis of the bad stuff we've included the links below.

Theme of the week: Long live the monopoly and a big ol’ middle finger to net neutrality:
And with not a moment to spare:
Oh, AND:

EU Parliament passes controversial Copyright Directive:

Intel’s 28 core 5GHz CPU is a bust and their demo was a lie:

WPA3 Wifi Encryption is here!

Supreme Court says Must Have Warrant for wireless communication (PDF!)

Post e3 ‘State of gaming’
Role Playing