Episode 25 · June 11th, 2018 · 1 hr 19 mins

About this Episode

Guys, can we just take a second to recognizze that we've managed to get an episode out every Monday for MONTHS! We're super proud and we'll except your pride too. This week we get into some huge developments including Apple's World Wide Developers Conference or WWDC and Microsoft's planned purchase of GitHub in addition to the beginning of the great CPU wars, FCC lied to you? No way! A touch on E3, and more!

Intel offers limited edition i7 CPU with 5GHz frequency:
And a 28 core CPU coming out in Q4:
And not to be outdone by Intel:

California senate passes tough net neutrality laws, heads to assembly:

FCC Lied about DDOS, new FOIA releases show

Overall WWDC Roundup:

More details from after the keynote… namely openGL being deprecated on Mac

Microsoft announces it’s scheduled purchase of GitHub: